In life and especially in leadership we are always learning.  Things don’t turn out the way we expected or even just go wrong and we reflect on the actions we took beforehand.  As we accumulate such experience we can begin to develop mini rules or proverbs that can help us in the future. AXIOM

People have different names for these rules.  Some call them ‘rules of thumb’, others ‘axioms’ and great books have been written with both titles.  In this blog I will use the tern ‘axiom’, the title of a book by Bill Hybels.  I believe that Hybel’s book is a must red for all leaders since it is packed full of invaluable leadership proverbs.



Rules of Thumb: 52 Principles for Winning at Business without Losing Your SelfAnother useful book, this time not from a Christian perspective is ‘Rules of Thumb’ by Alan Webber.  Webber’s book is aimed more at business leaders, but there are still good insights for church leaders.

Again, the lessons from this book can save us as leaders from some painful learning experiences.

In this blog I intend to share my axioms from time to time.  When I say ‘my’, I mean the ones I live by, not ones that I have necessarily created!  Learning by experience is great, but learning from others’ mistakes is much wiser.

Feel free to share your favourite axioms in the comments section.

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