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During a sabbatical in the summer of 2011 I spent some time reflecting on how God had made me.  Clearly there is much to say about the outcome of such introspection.  However, one thing is worthy of note here, and that is that I realised that I love innovation.  That which led me to a degree in engineering before I became a Christian, had been placed in by God and hadn’t gone away.  I love new things and I love change.  When I look at things I am always thinking about how they work and how they could be better.

This self-discovery led me to begin reading around the subject of innovation.  Naturally, much of the literature concerns innovation in products.  However, I believe the principles and many of the ideas apply to innovations in services and organisations too.  This prompted me to want to explore more what innovation might look like in relation to ‘Kingdom-based organisations’ such as churches and other charities.  Hence the idea for this website was born.

However, I didn’t just want to write about innovation since another of my passion is leadership.  I believe that if an organisation is going to ‘great’ then it needs ‘great’ leaders (perhaps the question of what is meant by ‘great’ can be the subject of a future post).  Indeed if it is to innovate well then it needs leaders who can handle the process of vision casting and change.

So I invite you to journey with me in explorations of innovation, leadership and the kingdom of God.  Hopefully there are enough buttons on the site to enable you to follow however you like, maybe Twitter, perhaps RSS, or even the old-fashioned way of checking back every now and then.

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