Information Innovation – Part 1

I’m not sure I have seen much written on this subject, but it seems to me that a key topic for any leader is information. Let me explain. A number of years ago I had the pleasure of spending a week in the Lake District building rafts and searching for clues through the hills, all for the purpose of becoming a better leader in a financial services business. On the final task I had been elected leader and found myself on the end of what the trainers had intended to be information overload. It worked! I quickly found my ability to lead disappearing as I tried to process and manage the huge level of incoming information and things got muddled as I struggled to communicate the information to the team. The breakthrough came when I took someone off another task and asked them concentrate on processing the incoming information. Everything changed. This led me to see two critical tasks for any leader. First, processing and managing information. Second, communicating information or others.

Innovative leaders need to innovate in these these key areas. While technology may be a primary cause in increasing the information level, it can also help us as a solution. Are we being innovative enough when it comes to information? Are we allowing ourselves to be swamped by the ‘information task’, without stopping to reconsider our approach?

This series of posts aims to delve a little deeper into the topic of information innovation and ponder how we might respond. Please don’t forget to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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