Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Final thoughts

It is now the morning after the weekend before and I thought I would do a final post on some of my reflections from the GLS in Scunthorpe.

The need to revisit

I was struck by how helpful it was for me to listen to the session again and to review my notes.  Interestingly, some of the sessions had more impact on me the second time round.  Of course, not all of us bought the team edition DVD and will be able to watch the sessions again, but I believe there is great value in setting aside some time to review our notes one month after a conference.  That is not to say that it is not helpful to look at things in the week following a conference and plan some next steps.  It is just that I have found that some things slip in my mind and this reinforcing is very helpful.

The need to grow

I would be amazed if there was a single leader across all of the sites who did not find something that challenged them.  If there were such a leader, they might need to revisit the message on humility!  It always fascinates me how different people find different sessions helpful.  Some of this is to do with style.  For example, some like the more emotional speakers, others the more analytical and structured messages.  Some of the difference is also to do with our current situations, and hence some topics resonate with us more than others.  The great thing about the GLS is that there something for everyone and therefore the potential for every leader to grow as a result of the Summit.

The need to see more widely

Our primary reason for our church wanting to host the GLS was a desire to bless, equip and support other leaders.  However, in God’s Kingdom nothing is wasted.  I honestly believe that no one single event has made as big a difference to the life of our church as the GLS.  It has changed us!  Although we were doing this for God and for others, we still received a huge blessing ourselves.

The need for relationships between leaders

Another facet of the way in which God used the GLS was to encourage church unity.  The GLS brought church leaders together for a period of time much longer than they would usually spend with one another.  Two days spent together with a common focus is a powerful way of nurturing and developing friendships and trust.

The GLS 2011 in Scunthorpe was an awesome experience and I for one can hardly wait for next year.


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