Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 1

Bill Hybels

Whenever you get ready to listen to Bill Hybels you are expecting to be challenged and inspired.  In the first session of the Global Leadership Summit this year he hasn’t disappointed us!  His stated aim was to challenge us  and ask us five critical questions regarding our ministries and lives.  Here are the five questions:

  1. What is your current challenge level?
  2. What is your plan for dealing with challenging people in your organisation?
  3. Are you naming, facing and resolving the problems hat exist in your church or organisation?
  4. When was the last time you re-examined the core of what your organisation is about?
  5. Have you had your leadership bell rung recently?
Any one of those questions on its own is worth some serious thought and could cause us to make some major adjustments.
His parting comments were perhaps the most thought-provoking of all, “Why not decide that your next five years will be your best?”  Back in September I posed a similar question to the congregation at Scunthorpe Baptist Church and was humbled by the incredible response.  The majority of those present, young and old, came to the front of our sanctuary to stand before God and state that they wanted their next years to be their best.  Will you make the same decision?
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Power Of A Whisper The PB  AXIOM
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