Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 4

Erwin McManus

Erwin is the leader of a community of faith in Los Angeles called, Mosaic.  One of things that characterises his ministry is the releasing and encouraging of creativity; he combines being a pastor with being an author, entrepreneur and film-maker.

In this session Erwin encouraged us to see that our the ability to be creative is given by God and so using that ability is in no way in conflict with honouring God.  While the expression creativity is an important part of being human, Erwin did not leave us simply seeing it as an end in itself.  He reminded us that if we are willing to re-think how we communicate the Gospel, we will not find it that hard to lead people to Jesus.

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Chasing Daylight: Seize the Power of Every Moment Unleashed - Release The Untamed Faith Within

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