Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 5

Tough Callings

This session was a bit of a departure from the normal as far as the GLS goes and  Bill Hybels shared that he felt is was a bit of a risk.  Whether or not it was that large a risk I am unsure, but I am sure that it was a real blessing.

We heard two stories.  The first, told in the third person by Wes Stafford, was of a pastor who continued to minister despite the clear risks to his life.  He was unable to be at the Summit in person due to issues with his visa.  The second story came in person from Maggie Gobrain.  A coptic nun, ministering to the lowest of the low in Cairo, her approach and demeanour were very much  in contrast to many of the other speakers.

Finally Bill rounded things off with a bible reflection and some summarising thoughts.

For me this is one of the most powerful sessions ever at the GLS.  It could be tempting to look at Willow Creek and the Summit in particular as being all about success, where leaders push on to achieve more efficiency, where trends are seen to be going ‘up and to the right’.  However, Bill used this session to acknowledge that the callings God has on our lives are not necessarily like that.  For some the curves do not ‘go up and to the right’ and obeying God is painful and dangerous.  Just because it is hard, does not mean that it is not God’s calling.

A really sobering reminder of what it means for us as leaders to follow Jesus.

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