Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 8

Steven Furtick

Now that what I call saving the best until last!  What a finish to the Summit.  Not only were his words challenging, the reality of his story as a church leader is also inspiring.  And all from a guy who is only 31.  If nothing else it is a much needed reminder that age is no barrier to God doing awesome things.  Here are a couple of great quotes:

“If the vision for your life is not intimidating to you, there is a good chance it is insulting to God”

“One of the reasones we feel insecure is because we compare our backstrage reel with other people’s highlights show.”

However, the real meat of his message was about digging ditches.  In 2 Kings 3, the Lord speaks through Elisha and commands the people to dig some ditches, which will be filled with water.  They were called to do this despite the fact that there was no water to be seen.  Steven reminds us that sometimes we need to keep digging ditches, that is preparing for what God is going to do, before he has even started to do it.  This is audacious faith.  One of the examples given is his preparing his team to baptise thousands of people, even when the church only had a handful of members.

Have you given up digging ditches because there didn’t seem to be any water that you could see?  Is God calling you to get digging again?  This session was a powerful nudge for me to get digging again.  You’ve got to believe the water is coming even when it look really dry!

Here is a great book by Steven Furtick with yet more challenge:

Sun Stand Still

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