Axiom – God makes leaders in slow cookers, not microwaves

This axiom is similar to the previous one in that it is a reminder to us not to be so obsessed with time.

Generally in life I like shortcuts and learning from other people’s mistakes, mainly because it gets me somewhere quicker.  However, when it comes to being developed as a leader, it seems that speed is less important to God than it might be to me.  Rather than two minutes on full power, God desires to build us slowly and over many seasons in our life.  I wish there was a way of me growing as a leader without spending months or even years wrestling in adversity, but there really isn’t.  While I can read books and attend conferences and learn great things about leadership, some lessons take time to learn.

There is also possibly another axiom, which is basically the same, just swapping the slow cooker for the pressure cooker.  It amounts to the same thing, but reminds us that there has never been a great leader who has not experienced tough times along the way.

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