Axiom – Bias towards action

Sometimes I come across lovely, Godly, people who seem to have an ability to take energy and enthusiasm and have nothing come of it whatsoever.  In the most part it is not a deliberate stalling or disobedience.  However, it is often both of those things, albeit not consciously.  Here are some statements that you might recognise, along with some comments:

  • Let’s pray some more about it
    • On the face of it a good thing, but can be unhelpful if God has already spoken
  • Let’s think about it for a bit longer
    • Again, thinking is not bad, but how long have we already thought about it?
  • Let’s see what other information we can gather
    • Information is good, but decisions are nearly always made with imperfect knowledge
  • Let’s form a committee
    • Don’t even get me started
  • Leave it with me
    • Only if you are going to take action

The list could no doubt be extended, and perhaps you might share a few of your own examples in the comments section below.

Here is a great axiom from Bill Hybels – have a bias towards action.  If in doubt, just do something.  It may not be perfect, but often God reveals the next stage of the instructions as we obey the last stage.  The old analogy is true – the rudder on a ship needs water moving over it before it can change the direction of travel.  Too often we sit around doing nothing, sometimes with spiritualised reasoning, when what we should be doing is getting on with something.

As leaders, let’s have a bias towards action.


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