Six Gs of Kingdom Leadership

Christian Leadership has much in common with leadership in the secular world, but also many differences.  Here are six leadership pointers, inspired by the story of Esther, which are perhaps not often seen in the business world.  Much more could be said about each of the headings, but here is a brief summary.


Esther finds herself operating in a culture that is not her own.  Kingdom leaders recognise that they are citizens of a different place acting as ambassadors.  We are called to a foreign land.


The task that lay before Esther was hugely important since the lives of an entire people group were on the line.  As leaders in the Kingdom we are dealing in matters of eternal life and death.  What we do is of great significance.


Ultimately it was Esther’s presentation of the truth that brought about a change in the situation. Kingdom leaders are not just people who speak truthful words, but are people who help others connect with Jesus, who is the truth.  We need to tell people the truth.


For a while Esther held back from stepping up to the challenge before her since she was concerned about the possible outcomes.  Eventually, she is persuaded by an argument that points out the futile nature of second guessing what might happen.  Mordecai insightfully suggests that perhaps she has been put in this position for just such a time as this.  Kingdom leaders are not unaware of the impact of their actions, but they make decisions on the basis of who they have been called to be.


When Esther finally commits she does so wholeheartedly, holding nothing back.  The call to lead in the Kingdom is a costly one.  Though it may be unhealthy in the long term to give ourselves completely to a specific ministry, God deserves 100% of us, 100% of the time.  We need to lead in a way that keeps on giving.


Initially Esther questions her ability to make a difference, yet in the end her involvement changes everything.  As Kingdom leaders we should not be afraid to set our sights high and aim for ambitious goals, because the King is on our side and it might just be that we have been placed where we are for just such a time as this.

What other leadership lessons do you see in Esther’s story?

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