Six Innovation Questions

Knowing where to start with innovation can be tricky.  Lots of people have lots of ideas about helps us to think innovatively and create new AND useful things.  However, at times these ideas are based on only one example of innovation and even then the lessons learnt may not be the right ones.  Over at Innovation Excellence they are announcing the beginning of what they are terming the ‘Innovation Genome Project’.  Here’s their introduction:

One way to get better at real innovation is to start moving away from all those fascinating abstract ideas on the topic, and turn instead to actual innovations, done by real innovators, to see what we can learn and use, ourselves, here and now.

That idea is the basis of the Innovation Genome Project, an Autodesk initiative where we’re studying the world’s most important 1,000 historical innovations, as a way to discover actual best practices and create tools that Autodesk employees and customers can really use to make their work more innovative.

It certainly seems like a great way to gain insight into innovation and they are already producing results.  They haven’t processed all the innovations yet, but they have already found a pattern.  So far, all of the innovations made the breakthrough as a result of ‘innovation questions’.  Here are the top six:

  1. What could we look at in a new way?
  2. What could we use in a new way, or for the first time?
  3. What could we move into a new context, either in time or in space?
  4. What could we connect in a new way, or for the first time?
  5. What could we change, in terms of design or performance?
  6. What could we create that is truly new?

The original post is worth a read to get the full picture.

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  1. Thanks for writing about the Innovation Genome Project!

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