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In the bible we read a lot of words from Jesus about the Kingdom, some of which may leave us puzzled.  However, it is often not as complicated as we might at first think, especially when we remember that a really simple definition of  ‘kingdom’ is the place where the king has dominion.  In Matthew 13:44-46, we find two really simple analogies (treasure and pearls) that tell us three basic things:

  1. Some find the Kingdom by accident, others after a long search
  2. However you find it, one thing is clear – the Kingdom is beyond comparison – it is the best
  3. Not only that, it is worth any sacrifice
Of course, the ‘buying’ part of the analogy can confuse us.  We must remember that not only can we not ‘buy’ our way into the Kingdom, but in fact it is unnecessary, since it is a gift.  That is grace.
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