Why we need vision

In a previous post I outlined a vision framework, but it is worth taking a backwards step in order to think about why we need vision at all.  While some would be surprised at the need to justify having a vision, others would argue that it is unnecessary.

In his book, Growing Leaders, James Lawrence considers the three phases of stewarding a vision:

  • Capture – getting it stated in a memorable, understandable, exciting and specific way
  • Communicate – letting everyone know what the vision is
  • Connect – helping people go even further in order to see how it fits their lives

This understanding of the process of working with a vision fits closely with his reasons why we need vision:

  • Identifies where God is leading this group of people
  • Captures imagination
  • Helps decision-making
  • Gives meaning to those who are following
  • Generates resources

At times wrestling with the implementation of a vision can seem like a distraction.  However, it is a hugely powerful tool for any leader and a necessity if what we are leading is going to grow and flourish.

Are there other benefits of a clear vision?  Share your thoughts below.

James Lawrence’s book is well worth a read:

Growing Leaders: Reflections on Leadership, Life and Jesus

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