Axiom – Sometimes you’ve got to lose the pigs

Often in leadership we want to see something new come into being or a problem get solved, without there being a cost.  If that is possible, then great.  However, a lot of the time there is a cost, and if we are not willing to pay it, then we will stay where we are.

In Matthew 8:28-34 we read about Jesus’ encounter with two demon-possessed men.  The problem is solved, but in the process Jesus sends the demons into a herd of pigs, which promptly kill themselves in a lake.  When the rest of the town hears what has happened they ask Jesus to leave.  They were probably pleased that the two men had been set free, but they were not happy about the cost.

Unfortunately, sometimes you’ve got to lose the pigs.  There is a price to pay and a cost to be borne.  As leaders we need to front up to the challenge and be courageous.

Here’s a full message called ‘Dying to live’ where I explore the reality that for us to have our best tomorrow, something has to die today.

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