Break the rules

In the last post I discussed seven questions that can help us re-think an existing service, ministry or product that is in need of innovation.  Another element of our thinking that can hold us back are rules.

Of course, rules come in all forms and guises, some of which we are not meant to break.  The two key categories of such are rules are biblical commands and the law of the land.  However, we also obey many other rules, though perhaps unwittingly.  These can be things such as habits, conventions or traditions.

Sometimes we need to break these rules to release something new.  Examples of rules that we might need to break usually start with ‘We have to do it like this because’, and then finish with:

  • We have always done it like this
  • That is the way people do it
  • That is the way ‘our tribe’ does it
  • It is good practice
  • This is the only way
  • This is what an expert told us to do
  • Our rules say we have to (where the rules can be changed)

All of these rules are worth breaking, or at least considering the possibility.  Quite possibly the way everyone else is doing it is the best way, but maybe they are missing something.

If we want to take some big steps forward, we need to consider breaking the rules.

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