Kingdom guidelines for battle

As I have mentioned in a previous post, the bible makes it clear that we are in a spiritual battle.  We need, therefore, to understand how we are to be involved in that battle.  If we simply take what we know of battle in the natural, we could find ourselves in trouble.  Very often the bible makes it clear that God’s ways are not our ways and that the way of the Kingdom is often the opposite of what we expect.

When we read Joshua 5 we find some helpful principles for being a part of a spiritual battle.

  • Right fear (v 1)
    • We are not meant to be afraid, the enemy is
  • Right opportunity (vv 4-8)
    • Others may have messed the battle up, but we get our own chance
  • Right relationship (vv 2-3,9)
    • Before going into battle for the Kingdom, we must be in right relationship with then King
  • Right foundation (vv 10-12)
    • We need to remember what God has already done, in our case in Jesus Christ
  • Right commander (vv 13-14)
    • We must remember who is boss
  • Right worship (v 15)
    • We need to get this right, it is a vital part of the spiritual battle
You can listen to a fuller unpacking of this chapter here.


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