There’s a war on

The Lord’s prayer reminds us that there is a clash of kingdoms taking place.  We are told to pray for the Kingdom of Heaven to come on earth and for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Of course, by implication something is opposing that, and the rest of the bible makes it clear that the current ruler of this world does not want to see that happen.  When two kingdoms collide in this way, the result is war.

Ephesians 6 talks to us about that war, and reveals that the war is not against flesh and blood.  It is therefore a spiritual war.  Spiritual wars can be easier to miss than physical wars, but can be more costly.

The problem we face as believers, is this:  Too often we live with a peacetime mentality in a war time reality.  What I mean by this is that we live as if there is not a battle raging, no enemy opposing our work and no spiritual beings trying to knock us off track.  As a result the enemy runs amok and we wonder why life is so hard and success for the Kingdom so rare.

We need to wake up to reality and begin to live differently.

To hear more on this subject, listen to a message here:

Living with a peacetime mentality in a war time reality

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