Axiom: Have a vision that scares you

If your vision doesn’t scare you, then there is a good chance that your vision and your view of God are too small.   There is a real danger in aiming too low.  We might have the buzz of knowing that we reached the goal, but surely we will be left pondering what could have been accomplished if we had dreamed a little bigger.

Stephen Furtick has a saying that is similar: “If your vision doesn’t intimidate you, then there is a good chance it insults God”.  That is quite a challenge.  If our dream of the future is easy to achieve then we can probably get there without God’s help, which suggests that we either don’t want or need His assistance.

We also need a vision that stretches us.  It is often said that most leaders over estimate what can be achieved in one year, but under estimate what can be achieved in five years.  Vision is about that longer term view and we need aim big.

Do you have a vision that scares you?

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