Axiom – Keep it simple

Often referred to by the acronym KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, this is a really important axiom.  As organisations grow and develop, the tendency to add layers of complexity appears to increase.  Perhaps this is a result of gains in resources such as time or money, which in turn enables something other than the ‘basic’ approach.  As ever, can does not imply ought and leaders must constantly be on the lookout for things that are getting more complicated than they need to be.

Here are some common signs that we are not keeping it simple:

  • 2000 words when 200 would suffice
  • Ever increasing levels of bureaucracy
  • More resources required to achieve the same end result
  • More confusion in the organisation
  • We are struggling to remember all the processes and acronyms

Organisations can be complex, especially as they scale up.  Our job as leaders is to keep things as simple as they can be.

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