Global Leadership Summit 2012 – Speakers

In case you missed it, the speaker line up for the GLS this year was announced last week.  The programme looks really great, with some of my personal all time favourite speakers on the list.  Each year I am also hugely blessed and challenged by some of the names I don’t recognise.  Even though the people speaking changes each time, through the years I have found no better place to help me move to the next level in leadership.

Here is the list, though full details are available here:

  • Bill Hybels
  • Condoleezza Rise
  • Jim Collins
  • Geoffrey Canada
  • Sheryl Wudunn
  • Craig Groeshel
  • John Ortberg
  • Mario Vega
  • Marc Kielburger
  • Pranitha Timothy
  • William L. Ury
  • Patrick Lencioni

We are hosting the GLS on 9 & 10 Nov 2012.  For more details and to get booked in visit the Willow Creek UK website.

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