Playing the game differently

This post is in a similar vein to a previous one, Breaking the Rules.  The underlying idea is that to innovate and maximise potential it is often necessary to question the underlying assumptions.  In this case, rather than breaking the ‘rules’, the theory is that you consider playing the game differently, within the rules.

The illustration comes from the game show Golden Balls.  I haven’t watched it, but it seems that in the final round the two contestants are faced with a version of the so-called ‘Prisoners’ Dilemma’.  Having spent the rest of the game amassing a prize fund, each individual is faced with a choice: split or steal.  If both choose ‘split’ then the money is divided equally between them.  If one chooses split and the other steal, then former gets nothing and the latter gets everything.  However, if both choose steal they both walk away with nothing.  Clearly the temptation is towards ‘stealing’ since it means a bigger prize.  However, if both think the same way they end up with nothing.  The challenge for the two strangers on the show is whether or not they trust each other enough to choose ‘split’.

However, in this clip one individual operates within the rules, but plays very differently.

If you are interested in why this strategy works, see this site.

It is often too easy to accept assumptions with question.  Be willing to play the game differently.

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