King before Kingdom

Some time ago a speaker I heard at a conference opened my eyes to the concept and language of the Kingdom of God.  It is perhaps surprising that I had not heard more on this before, given the prominence that it has in the bible and especially in the four gospels, but that is the benefit of hindsight.  Since that time I have done a lot of study into the Kingdom and delivered lots of teaching on it myself.

However, as important as the Kingdom is, there is something, indeed someone, more important – the King.  When I realised this a little while ago I did not stop pursuing the Kingdom and seeking to extend it where I could.  In fact my hope is that I grow in such things day by day.  The difference is that I now operate in that way out of a love for and focus on the King Himself.

In order to help us consider how we might get our eyes back on the King, here are five broad pointers.  Notice that the things mentioned second are not necessarily unhelpful, though they might be. What I am advocating is a change of emphasis.

  • Intimacy over information
  • Presence over principles
  • Experience over education
  • Relationship over reward
  • Surrender over shaping

Some of these are self explanatory, others less so.  Why not listen to the message I gave on this subject recently.

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