Nine Innovation Roles

This post complements a previous one on differing roles in brainstorming.  This time Braden Kelley has posted a great article at Innovation Excellence on the differing role people play in innovation.  Stating his view, which I have come to hold in recent years, that all people are creative, we just express that creativity differently, Kelley reveals nine roles which he believes people excel at:

  1. Revolutionary – loves change and sharing ideas about change
  2. Conscript – lots of ideas, but doesn’t easily share them
  3. Connector – joins up and brings people together
  4. Artist – makes good ideas even better
  5. Customer champion – knows what the people ‘out there’ need
  6. Troubleshooter – overcomes problems in great ideas
  7. Judge – knows what will and won’t work
  8. Magic maker – makes ideas into reality
  9. Evangelist – helps others understand the idea and get on board

To learn more why not head over to the original article or even buy the book:

Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire: A Roadmap to a Sustainable Culture of Ingenuity and Purpose

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