8 dimensions of a good brainstorm

As I have said before, many consider brainstorming to be a fad or a waste of time, largely due to unsatisfactory results.  A big reason for this is poorly facilitated sessions which assume that a flip chart and some pens are all you need, with everything else taking care of itself.  Over at IdeaChampions.com they have compiled a helpful list of the key dimensions of a good brainstorming session:

  1. Investigation – you’ve got to do some work beforehand
  2. Immersion – you can’t just hop in and out, you’ve got to get stuck in
  3. Interaction – this is a team exercise
  4. Inspiration – bored people rarely come up with great ideas
  5. Ideation – create an environment where ideas start flowing
  6. Illumination – ideas are great, but to make a difference they must bring insight
  7. Integration – bringing ideas back into the real world
  8. Implementation – something has to happen afterwards or it really was a waste of time

For a full desciption of each dimension, see the original post.

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