Entering the Kingdom means letting the King be King

One of the biggest struggles we face as people wanting to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God is letting God reign in our lives.  Though I haven’t done any scientific research on the subject, it does seem to me that this is one of the biggest hurdles people face in living the life that they read about in the bible.  So many of us resist surrendering everything to Him and letting Him be Lord of our lives.

It is important to remember that while the decision to give it all to God happens in an instant, the outworking takes a life time. Someone I was talking to recently expressed it like this:

When you become a Christian you surrender everything to God there and then.  However, you then spend the rest of your life working out what ‘everything’ means.

Ultimately, there can be no better person to be in charge of our lives.  God is our creator and sustainer.  He is love and knows all things, and the list could go on much longer.  Why would we think that we can run things better than Him?

If we want to live in the Kingdom, and know all the blessing and joy that comes with it, we have to let the King be King or every part of our lives.

Click here for an audio message considering this topic in more length.

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