Who are you?

A number of times recently in conversations with people I have found myself encouraging the other person to find out who they are.  A strange suggestion at first sight, but I believe it is helpful.  Asking it does not imply a belief that someone completely lacks self-awareness, but instead that there is benefit in probing a bit deeper.

Finding out who we really are is powerful.  In discovering who we are, we learn about the way in which God has made us.  This in turn can lead to a number of useful insights.  These insights can be hints at where God might be calling us or what He might be calling us to do.  We might discover something about our strengths and weaknesses and how we can leverage both.  We may find things that matter to us, which we are currently doing nothing about.

I don’t think there is a set method of undertaking this task of self-discovery, and different ways will work for different people.  However, if you want some questions to get you started, here is a list from the website Daily PlanIt:

1. Discover your heroes
2. Identify your strengths
3. Explore your skills
4. Examine your beliefs
5. Look at your values
6. Develop a mission statement
7. Learn about your personality and interests
8. Think about your talents and dreams
9. Tell your story
10. Express yourself

If you are a Christian, then to that list I would add the question, ‘Who does God say I am?’, both in the general sense (true of all believers) and in the specific sense (how He has made you differently).

It might feel odd, but I encourage you to consider more deeply who you are.

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