Living ‘all in’

When it comes to living in the Kingdom, there is really only one way of operating and that is ‘all in’.  The phrase comes the game of poker where players choose how much to gamble.  At one extreme a player can place the minimum bet required to be a part of the game, holding back everything else and minimising risk.  At the other a player can go ‘all in’ and gamble everything, holding nothing back, leaving themselves with no other options.

I believe that too often we try to live in the Kingdom by placing minimum bets; keeping our options open and doing the least we need to do to stay involved.  I believe God is asking for a lot more than that; He is asking us to go ‘all in’.  Given who God is, the gamble isn’t really that big.

Are you ready to push all of the chips forward and commit everything to the Kingdom?  To hear more, listen to an audio message exploring the idea further.

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