GLS 2012 – 1 – Bill Hybels – The Privilege of Leadership

A great opening session from Bill which was full of challenge and highly inspiring.

I was struck by the timely reminder of the need for a high sowing rate, that is to try lots of things in the knowledge that not everything will work. It seems to me that this is applicable to every kind of leadership task.

Tied in with this idea is the importance of experimenting. It can be tempting to think that our extensive planning and researching gives us all the knowledge that we need to proceed and that we therefore need to go only with the best option. In actual fact we cannot know everything in advance and a willingness to try lots of things and see which work and which don’t is very important. Of course, we cannot expect this just to happen in our organisations, it must start with the leaders.

I also really liked Bill’s section on the 6×6 cards. It is an idea that I started implementing in my own work life after I heard him speak on it a few years ago. I won’t claim that I am doing it as well as I would like, but I am getting there. The real benefit for me was keeping me focused on six key projects and not allowing to wander. I would encourage you to give it a try.

Here is the breakdown of the session:

I. Overcoming a 75% Seed Rejection Ratio

a. Luke 8:1-15

b. Transformed lives

c. Sowing seed begins with the leader

d. Sow more seed e. Stay curious, courageous and experimental

f. Don’t allow entropy on your watch

II. Prioritising with a 6 x 6 Card

a. person you will ever lead

b. Manage energy

c. Six week sprints

d. Prioritise beyond your regular work

e. Move stuff forward

f. Energising

III. Succession Planning

IV. When Vision is Vulnerable

V. The Privilege of Leadership


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