GLS2012 – 2 – William Ury – Getting to Yes

A great example for me of how learning from a secular background can be really helpful in the church world as well. It occurred to me that lots of people could write and talk about negotiation, but William Ury really knows what he is talking about given the situations he has been in.

Two things stood out for me in the interview. The first was the need to view conflict positively. For so many people conflict is negative and something to be avoided at all costs. William’s words challenge that view.

The second was his question:

How often do we use the power not to react?

No matter what situation we find ourselves leading in, that is a question worth spending a bit of time mulling over.

Here is the session breakdown:

I. The Need for Negotiation

II. Constructive Conflict

III. Go to the Balcony

a. The greatest obstacle in negotiation is ourselves

b. Reacting is a natural human tendency

c. A larger perspective is the foundation of successful negotiation

IV. Negotiation Skills

a. Separate people from the problem

b. Focus on interest, not positions

c. Develop multiple options

d. Use objective criteria and a fair process

V. BATNA – Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement

VI. Negotiating in the Middle East

VII. Turning Enemies into Friends

Here are some resources:

Getting to Yes: Negotiating an agreement without giving in Getting Past No: Negotiating With Difficult People The Power of a Positive No

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