GLS2012 – 5 – Craig Groeschel – The Strongest Link

Craig Groeschel never disappoints! Every time he delivers challenging message with a lot of humour.

This time he brought a fascinating message to the generations; standing in the middle and speaking to those who are older and those who are younger. For the older generation there was a call to invest in those who are younger and not be threatened by them. For the younger generation there was a warning not to slip into an ‘entitlement mentality’.

Here are a couple of great quotes:

Respect is earned, but honour is given

If you delegate tasks you create followers, if you delegate authority you create leaders

Here is the session breakdown:

I. Advice to the Older Generation

a. Don’t resent, fear or judge

b. God values maturity

c. Invest in those behind you

d. Don’t delegate tasks, delegate authority

e. Authenticity trumps cool

f. You can be a spiritual father or mother

II. Advice to the Younger Generation

a. You need those who have gone before you

b. Entitlement

c. Overestimate and Underestimate

d. Honour

III. Creating Opportunities for the Generations to Work Together

a. Create ongoing feedback loops

b. Create specific mentoring moments

c. Create opportunities for leadership development

Here are some resources:

Soul Detox HB IT: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It Christian Atheist The

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