GLS2012 – 6 – Carly Fiorina – Tough Choices

Another speaker who leaves us in no doubt that she has ‘been there and got the t-shirt’! Carly Fiorina’s story illustrates very well the reality that leadership can be tough and involves some really tough choices. Leaders can sometimes moan about the toughness and wish it away. While understandable, it does ignore the fact that leadership is often hard almost by definition.

It cannot have been easy for Carly to come and bring her testimony as she did; it certainly was a courageous decision to share her story in that way. Aside from the impact of it in itself there is also a great challenge for us to remember that small, but persistent inputs, like Bill’s in Carly’s life, can have huge outcomes.

Who might we need to be persistent with in the coming months and years?

Here is the session breakdown:

I. Motivation

a. Moving team in the same direction

b. Seeing potential in others

II. Leadership Development

III. Leadership Requires Passion and Dispassion

IV. The Reality of Fame

V. The Hewlett Packard years

a. HP Culture

b. Working with the Board

c. Being fired

VI. Five Years Later – A Leader’s Response

Here are some resources:

Tough Choices: A Memoir

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