GLS2012 – 8 – Bill Hybels – Closing Session

There is something about the way in which Bill Hybels speaks about the church that just fires me up and I need that from time to time. In the nitty gritty of leading a local a church passion can become lost. Bill not only paints a compelling picture of what ‘it’ should be like, he also reminds us that it is entirely possible. In so doing he sets us off again on the path of pursuing God’s desires for our leadership.

However, what we mustn’t do is wait until next year for another ‘dose’. We need to find ways of re-energising through the year so that in spite of the problems that we face we remain totally in love with the local church, utterly convinced of its place in God’s plans for this world and completely sure that we can play a part, in partnership with God, in making it all happen.

For me this has probably been the strongest year of the GLS. There has been challenge and inspiration in every session. The task now is not to lose it all. Very soon the reality of our everyday leadership and life will begin to crowd out what we have learnt and the urgent will trump the important. We all need to build in ways of revisiting GLS2012 in order for it to continue to change our lives, until we get to do it all again next year!

Here is the card with the morning prayer mentioned by Bill:

For more resources such as a DVD or MP3s of the event head over to the Willow Creek Association UK

Thank you to Bill Hybels and the WCA team for a great Global Leadership Summit.

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