When Kingdoms Collide

For those of us who are Christians we live in a reality that involves two kingdoms colliding.  God desire is for His will to be done here on earth, just as it is in heaven, but he has an enemy who is opposed to that invasion.  We find ourselves caught up in the middle and puzzled about how we are to live.

Here are some reflections on Daniel 3 which help us to know how we are to respond:

  1. We must choose – which kingdom will we follow?
  2. God can and will save us when the battle seems to overtake us
  3. And even if He doesn’t, we have made a choice
  4. Trials can actually be the things that set us free
  5. We can’t predict the outcome and what seems to be a bad thing might turn out to be a blessing

There is also a full audio message on this topic:


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