10 Office Design Tips to Foster Creativity

The environment in which we work matters.  We cannot expect that we, or those who work with us, will be inspired and enjoy our work if our offices are boring and badly designed.  There are lots of companies out there spending serious amounts of money on office design and build, something not available to those of us leading churches and charities.  However, the principles can still be used and applied with a smaller budget.

Inc. has identified 10 Office Design Tips to Foster Creativity and has a great slide show to help illustrate their points.  it is worth reading the original article, but here is the summary:

  • Let the inmates run the asylum
  • Let people choose how to be creative
  • Forget one person equals one desk
  • Adopt urban zoning
  • Cultivate buzz
  • Make a conscious decision on concentrated work
  • Brand your space with objects
  • Don’t rush in
  • Play anthropologist
  • Games and green

As always when leading organisations with very tight budgets the challenge is to see how we can adopt best practice at a low cost.  Got any great ideas about how that might happen.  For example, in our building we are making a ‘Creative Room’.  It isn’t done yet, but a cheap large whiteboard, some wall mounted flipchart accessories and boxes of pens and stickies have made a difference already.  Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts below.

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