Do we suffer from too much choice?

Not long ago I was a confirmed PC man; Apple was the enemy and I would never consider buying any of their products.  Now I sit here typing on an iMac, with an iPad and an iPhone at my side.  So what happened?  Well, one factor is certainly the fact that I use a lot of online ‘apps’ these days, and these work very well on both platforms.  However, a big part of the decision was my experience with the iPhone.  Eventually I gave in and got one, in spite of the fact that Apple gives you very little ability to customise it, unlike my then beloved Windows Mobile.  What I found surprised me.  In actual fact I much preferred not having all the choices.  I can’t install lots of widgets, or change lots of details about the interface and I’m good with that.  It means I spend less time playing with my gadgets and more time using them!

We often assume that more choice is a good thing.  However, past a certain limit choice can be overwhelming and unhelpful.  In this RSA Animate Video Professor Renata Salecl explores the affects of choice.

Do her ideas have something to say to the church today?  In an increasingly consumeristic culture we face the danger of churches getting in on the act and becoming obsessed with giving ‘consumer’ more and more choice about church.  Should we not be challenging the culture in this respect, rather than embracing it?

Another possible impact is on churches as they try to make choices about the future.  Here the danger is that we end up choosing nothing for fear of opting for the wrong thing.

Were there other insights you had from the video or anything with which you disagreed?

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