Exciting new initiative called Ethos UK

While I am sure that there are exceptions it seems to me that new problems require new solutions.  Hence the reason that I believe that innovation is so important.  On this blog I like to write about strategies and processes for innovation.  However, it is also good to showcase what it can look like in practice.

One example is the fantastic new push by YFC called Ethos.  The problem that they are seeking to address is described on their website:

The number of young adults in church has been declining steadily now for quite some time. In 1985 over half a million of those in their twenties went to church in Britain but by 2005 this figure had more than halved.

Whilst disillusioned with church, this missing generation pursue comfort and happiness like almost nothing else. They have a consumerist outlook yet crave real community. We passionately believe that God is the answer to their deepest needs so we’ve invested time, energy and resources in how we might make a difference. Our first response is Ethos.

Historians more knowledgeable than I might disagree, but I think this is a new problem, one that the church has not faced before!  Therefore, while there will undoubtedly be some timeless principles that speak to the issue a new approach is required.  Why not watch the short video below in which Phil Knox describes the problem in more depth and outlines a possible way ahead.

Ethos have already produced a number of  extremely high quality videos which can be found on their youtube channel.  I think they are great, not just because they feature my brother-in-law, but also because they address the right issues in a humorous and challenging way and all in a UK context.  Check out an example below:

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