The importance knowing our place in the Kingdom of God

It is not enough just to know that you are in the Kingdom.  Certainly that is important and completely life-changing.  However, people often misunderstand their status in the Kingdom.

Let me explain.  To be in a kingdom, means submitting to the rule and reign of the king, in this case God.  For Christians this means surrendering their whole lives to Him and gladly declaring, ‘Jesus is Lord’.  What we can fail to recognise is that this submission to a king is the same for a slave or for a son.  For this reason many Christians end up living in the Kingdom of God as slaves.  Of course, the bible does talk about us being servants, but perhaps this is more about a style of living rather than a status, because we also read that we are more than servants.

In five places in Paul’s letters he describes the Doctrine of Adoption.  This tells us that we have become sons and daughters of the King.  Understanding this status changes a lot about how we live.  Though we are still in total surrender, our relationship to the King is completely different.  We are called to intimacy with Him and invited to know him in a very special way.

In this message, an introduction to our new message series, I take a first look at the sometimes neglected Doctrine of Adoption.


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