Axiom: don’t let the pain of unfulfilled vision make it preferable to let the vision die

When we first receive some form of calling or vision for the future it is really exciting.  God places in our heart a longing and a passion to see the preferred future come into being.  The ‘holy discontentment, to borrow Bill Hybels phrase, and the deep belief in the solution, become that which moves us forward.  Often the fire burns so deeply within us that no sacrifice is too big and no price too much to pay to move us closer towards the vision.

At the other end of the journey energy is high too.  We are nearly there and can see the goal, thrilled to see that which we dreamt of coming to pass.  It takes little faith to hold onto the vision in these times since it is so close we can almost touch it.

The problem comes in the middle of the journey, the years and even decades between the vision and the fulfilment.  The excitement has worn off and we begin to wonder whether we will ever get there.  More than that, we often begin to question the orignal calling or vision, wondering if we even got it right.  These times can be painful, so much so that we wonder about giving up.  The danger is that the pain becomes so great that we begin to consider forgetting the vision entirely.

In these times we need a simple rule of thumb to help us know which way to turn.  Simply put, don’t let the pain of an unfulfilled vision make it preferable to let the vision die.  It might appear to numb the pain, but it isn’t the answer.

If you are in that place right now, let me encourage you to press on and keep believing.  If you have let a vision die, perhaps as a self-protection strategy to stop the hurt, then why not consider picking it up again.

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