The importance knowing our place in the Kingdom of God: 2

In a previous post I introduced the idea that it is not enough to know that we are in The Kingdom of God, we also need to understand our status in the Kingdom, i.e. we are sons and daughters and not slaves.  Even this is not the full story.  The problem can be that we know it factually and intellectually, but never really accept it fully.  We can end up agreeing to the theory, but in practice still living like a slave.

What we need is for the information to be accepted not just in our heads, but also in our hearts; we need intellectual truth to become a genuine experience.  This is the work of the Holy Spirit.  The bible tells us that the Spirit of God works within us to enable us to understand the reality of adoption, crying out ‘Abba, Father’.  Of course, if we neglect the Holy Spirit for whatever reason (fear, misunderstanding etc.) then we miss out on the fullness of what God wants to do in our lives.

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