The Power of Outrospection: Empathy

It is tempting and easy at times to believe that everything is all about us.  More than that we can begin to believe that our happiness and fulfilment are our ultimate purpose.  In many ways the messages of our world confirm this with marketing slogans such as ‘You’re worth it’.

However, eventually we come to the realisation that it all feels rather empty and in fact completely unfulfilling.  Something calls us to begin to look outside ourselves and desire to make a difference in the world in which we live.  We seek to understand the lives and worlds of other people and have our own perspective shifted.

In his RSA talk on The Power of Outrospection, Roman Krznaric explains the power of being willing to step outside ourselves.  If we are willing to be empathetic we can actually understand ourselves better and see change in the world around us.

For more on empathy and its place in innovation, including the Empathy Map tool click here.

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