A deeper look at social media with Cory Booker

There are many different ways of using social media, many of which are not hugely helpful.  Often when people come to things like Twitter or Facebook for the first time they are put off by artistically tinted pictures of people’s dinner or pointless updates on the uninteresting detail of someone’s life.  When faced with such content it is easy to conclude that interacting using social media is, at best,  a waste of time.  On the other hand those who have found ways of filtering out such content have found that it can be a useful communication tool.

However, the Mayor of Newark (USA), Cory Booker (a former Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit faculty member), makes an argument for a much deeper use of social media as a tool for community transformation.  If you have been reluctant to get stuck in or if you are wondering how you might use these tools more effectively watch the TechCrunch interview below.

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