5 ways to take your leadership to another lever

If you want to take your leadership to another level, former LifeChurch.tv pastor Scott Williams has a great list of five things that next-level leaders do on his blog Big is the new small.

You might be wondering what a ‘next-level leader’ actually is.  Here is how Scott describes it:

The definition of a Next-Level Leader is this- A leader that not only elevates their personal leadership to the Next-Level, but elevates the leadership of their team members, peers and competition to the Next-Level. They challenge those around them to dream BIG. think BIGGER

Next level leaders:

  1. Challenge things
  2. Ask the right questions
  3. Dream big
  4. Always learn
  5. Produce next-level leaders

The original post is excellent so why not head over and read the full article.

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