10 Secrets of personal growth

The desire to grow in some way is not unusual.  Most of us want to expand our capacity and improve who we are and what we do.  Yet often, despite our best intentions, the growth we pursue is elusive.

If we consider the metaphor of growth in terms of plant life, we realise that desire to grow or effort expended is not really the determining factor.  Instead, for plants it is the environment which dictates growth; the temperature, moisture, nutrient level etc.  If this parallel holds for us, and I believe it does, we therefore need to pay attention of our environment.  In other words we need to ensure that what is happening around us is conducive to our personal growth.

To help get us started, John Maxwell identifies the following 10  characteristics of a personal growth environment:

  1. Others are ahead of me
  2. I am continually challenged
  3. My focus is forward not backward
  4. The atmosphere is affirming
  5. I am out of my comfort zone (inside my gift zone)
  6. I wake up excited
  7. Failure is not my enemy
  8. Other people around me are growing
  9. People desire change
  10. Growth is modelled and expected

We need to do what we can in order to make this true for us in the places that we want to grow.

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