Are you ready to lead?

For someone pondering whether or not they are ready to step up into leadership, the decision can be confusing.  On the one hand it is tempting to think of leaders as being larger than life, charismatic, super capable individuals.  When making the comparison with such people we will probably decide that we are not in fact a leader.  On the other hand it is possible to think that leadership is nothing at all and anyone can and should do it.

Though there are many factors, perhaps specific to certain leadership opportunities, here are four questions any potential leader needs to ask themselves (adapted from the HBR July August 2006):

I am ready to lead when I am:

  • Results centred
    • Willing to leave my comfort zone to make things happen
  • Christ directed
    • Led by Christ, not social or political factors
  • Other focused
    • Putting the collective good above my own needs
  • Externally open
    • Open to outside stimuli that may signal the need for change

Though it is right that we first ask these questions of ourselves, they are also useful in helping others assess their own journey into leadership.

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