How to get an organisation from A to B

Having a vision is vital for an organisation to know where it is heading and in order to have the passion to get there.  I have written about the importance of vision before and why it matters more than strategy.  However, without a healthy organisational culture the vision is unlikely to be fulfilled.

In a post on the WCA Blog, Tony Morgan gives six questions to shape a healthy organisational culture.  Here they are:

  1. What is your strategy to accomplish your vision?
  2. What are the strengths of your current team?
  3. What’s the leadership capacity of people on the team?
  4. Have you developed a senior leadership team?
  5. Does every program, service or product connect to the senior leadership team?
  6. Does your structure support future growth?

It is well worth heading over to the original article since these questions are expanded and links given to more resources.

In recent years we have been making changes to our organisation in order to release us towards our vision.  Though we didn’t have this list at the time, we have asked and answered a number of these questions and it has led us to some exciting changes which we believe are going to release growth.

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