8 tips to increase your creativity

The ability to be creative is one of those things that people often assume you either have or you don’t.  Certainly I believe that we might express our creativity differently;  I, for example, am no good at drawing.  However, I think we are all able to make new things and come up with innovative ideas.  The key is getting the setup right.  In other posts I have discussed how the right office environment can help and how we can wreck creativity.  This post gives a simple list of 8 mindsets that were gleaned from a blogger’s trip around Pixar Animation Studios.  The original post gives more detail on each point and is worth a read.

Here is the list:

  1. Tenacity matters
  2. Art is your particular telling of reality
  3. Feed off others’ ideas
  4. Let go of ego
  5. Everyone should know the mission well
  6. Lots of hard work, tiny but amazing results
  7. Surround yourself heroes
  8. Help those just starting out
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