A beginner’s guide to collaboration

Creativity is often thought of as something best done alone.  Perhaps this arises out of a desire to minimise distraction, or maybe it is a self-protection mechanism designed to avoid criticism.  However, when a team of people gets together to be creative, the results are great.  For a year or more in our church we been trying to be creative together when planning events or message series.  For the sake of clarity, we do not do every step in the process as a team, but come together for key meetings which set overall direction.  We have seen a dramatic increase in quality and creativity as a result of this new way of working.

While there is a lot that can be said about collaborating, this tongue-in-cheek video from the world-leading design form IDEO should get you started:

For more material from IDEO see this post or Google them for lots of articles and videos.

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