Stress can kill you, but only if you think it will!

Stress is not uncommon.  Most people experience significant levels of it at various points in their life.  For some it is an ongoing reality.  Those who lead need to pay attention to their stress levels since, though they aren’t the only ones who suffer from it, they often have many more triggers.

However, research shows that stress is only bad for you if you think it is.  A strange result, but one worth paying attention to.  In this video, Kelly McGonigal tells us how we can make stress our friend.  She also talks about how reaching out to others can reduce our stress, which should not be a surprise for Christians.  Of course, this is not the last word on stress, there are many other factors that can affect an individual’s reaction to it, but it does provide some insight into something which is a reality for all of us.

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