GLS2013 Session 1 – Bill Hybels – The courage that leadership requires


One of the most overlooked realities of leadership is that it is tough.  On one level we all know it, yet I come across lots of leaders who seem surprised when the call to leadership takes them into difficult terrain.  In this great opening session Bill Hybels reminds us of the need to be bold and courageous starting from Joshua 1:9.  Probably the best thing about this session is that Bill talks from a place of experience; this is not disconnected theory.

Key insights

Something I need to hear again and again:

“Some of the most rewarding experiences in a leaders marathon are reserved for late in the race – do not bail on your vision”


The courage to:

  1. Pursue a vision
  2. Define current reality
  3. Build a fantastic team
  4. Establish and enforce values
  5. Finish strong


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